On the market of Bastia, on Saturday and Sunday morning and in Erbalunga on Thursday, you will be able to discover traditional products of our region:

The Corsican sausages: the Coppa, the sausage, the figatellu, the Lonzu, the Panzetta. The Corsican cheeses of sheep or goat, the tommes. Traditional vegetables and fruits: chard, tomatoes, peppers, citrus fruits, figs, chestnuts. Pastries: canistrelli, fig or chestnut cakes Wines. li>

The traditional dishes of the island, from appetizers to desserts, are concocted with local and artisan products of the quality noted by the producers of the region.

Fresh donuts and fresh cheese “Fritelle”, great classics of Corsican cooking, “fiadone , flan to brocciu flavored with lemon sometimes drizzled with brandy, island specialties create unexpected flavors for your taste buds.
Served as an aperitif with a small orange wine or accompanied by a glass of rosé, herbal tartlets, based on short pastry, chard or herb filling, are also delicious for a light snack.